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This one day workshop in Korumburra will teach you the basics of welding and plasma cutting. Some of the projects you’ll be able to create are: sculptures, planters, signs etc.. the list is only limited by your imagination. You can also fix those household items that are lying around. The workshop is limited to 4 students only.

As a lifelong artist with a love of timber and steel I have been teaching women in “Men’s sheds” for four years now and it’s great fun!

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Some of the projects you'll be able to create are:

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you pick up the skills, in fact you’ll wonder how you ever survived without these skills!

You will need to bring along a pair of well fitting leather work gloves and wear; closed toed boots that come up under your jeans, woolen or cotton socks, your hair up (if it’s longer than shoulder length), old, natural fibre (woolen or cotton-with no blends containing synthetic fibres) clothing (that won’t burn) and no loose or dangling clothing or jewellery.

All steel and welding equipment provided but you’re welcome to bring along any interesting pieces of steel or stainless steel that you might like to use in your project.

If you have any power tools at home that you’re not sure how to use, you can bring them along for me to teach you how to use them.

The workshop will run for from 9am to 5pm. BYO lunch, tea and coffee provided.


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